Personalia book release

It's time - my debut book Personalia will be released Wednesday 25th September at the beautiful Konstig Bookshop!

For four years I infiltrated the Swedish graffiti scene by photographing the notorious and unknown practitioners of illegal graffiti. As anything worthwhile, the process definitely was not easy. Portraying people who don't want to be seen let alone photographed was quite a challenge. Gradually, I was accepted and welcomed to document the writers’ adventures and to make portraits with them. What fascinated me the most was how such expression that's considered from art to sheer vandalism attracts so many people from all backgrounds and social classes. I thought it was a story worth sharing through my photography. And so, what early on was just something exciting quite soon turned into an idea for a longer project. On the way I've had the chance to show the work for example in Fotografiska and Hippolyte gallery, but seeing the work in between the covers truly feels like an achievement of another level.

Having committed to a project intensively for such a long time (and my whole stay in Sweden) it’s finally time for something new. What that is I really don’t know yet. But before figuring that out, lets celebrate this period in my life coming to an end.

Hope to see many of you next Wednesday!